How can I see the available spaces ?

Go to the homepage and check the interactive map (under the blue section "Platform"). Then, you can click on the two available buildings indicated by . When you click on one of them, you can them check the available floor(s), and then get more informations by clicking on the "I'm interested" button.

Is there already an heating system and electricity in every space ?

It depends on the space. Please check specifically the space page you are interested in. It is also possible to make some improvements in the space to add the commodities you need.

If I want to make some works, who will be in charge ?

All the works which are not linked to legal security will at the charge of the tenant.

Can I stay at night to sleep in the space ?

Any spaces can be used as an accommodation, because of a legal assignment matter. (But if you stay very very late at work, you can of course occasionally spend a night in your office).

Until when can I apply for a space ?

Until the 08/11/2017. Please check the application page for more infos.

When would I be aware if my application has been accepted or not ?

Please check the application process page to check the coming dates : we will get back to you as soon as all the applications have been reviewed, approximately two weeks after the 08/11/2017.

Can I apply for several spaces ?

You can apply for as many spaces as you want, you can apply for all of them if you are interested by any of them! You can indicate this in the application form which you can access on any space page.

Am I obliged to be the only tenant of the space, or can I share the space ?

You can share a space with another tenant. You can also invite other people to join you for some days and share your space with you even if they are not official tenant(s).

What is the renting price?

A reference price is 35 EUR/m²/year. Prices can vary based on the required renovation works (upwards) and the added value that the project brings (downwards).

Until when are the spaces available?

We are looking for occupants for short term (event) and long term projects. The availability depends on the building: in the case of the WTC, the spaces are available until end 2018, for North Plaza, this will be part of the discussion after the application process.